About Our Community

Based on solid farm and orchard service centres, the villages of the Ruby Coast Moutere Hills have seen an evolution over the past three decades as lifestylers have moved in, tourism has grown and a global culture has brought increased sophistication to rural New Zealand.

Made up of populations who have chosen to stay, or come to live here, the villages of the region have a high sense of community cohesion.

These communities are positive examples of today’s New Zealand with diverse populations and a sense of purpose and commitment to their children’s futures.

Ruby Coast Moutere Hills’ communities celebrate their history, traditions and culture. There is a genuine friendliness among locals that extends into a welcome for visitors.

People are committed to preserving what makes the region special: the landscape, the estuary with its flora and fauna and the lifestyle. For more information about the local communities, look further at this website and visit the following links to local Community Associations,