Building Inspection In Pukekohe Commercial Building Property – Ensuring Your Safety

Overlooking problems: If you don’t have a building inspection report on your house, it is almost guaranteed that you will overlook a major problem. This could be something as simple as cracked and missing floor boards. Maybe the original builders forgot to paint the interior surfaces, and now the paint is chipping off or peeling. Perhaps there have been recent repairs done to doors, windows, and electrical systems. The bottom line is, if there is even the slightest sign of a problem, get it repaired right away. It can cost you much more than replacing everything, and the cost of repairs far outweigh the cost of a building inspection Pukekohe report.

Lack of building consents: Another reason for an un-inspected building is that building inspection in Pukekohe do not allow the building owner to do anything he or she does not want to do. A few years ago, for example, a local restaurant had asked permission from the local building inspector to build a patio deck. The local building owner had applied for building consent, but the inspectors saw fit to deny the application, claiming the deck would hurt the view of the tennis court. The restaurant owner challenged the decision in court and won.

Not enough people living in the house: One thing that home inspectors in Pukekohe often do not do is inspect houses for fire hazards. This is a pretty common mistake, because many building owners believe that the house needs no fire alarm system or smoke detector. They forget that houses are a health hazard, and that every building should have one installed. Remember, an inspection report is the house’s way of telling you how well things are being kept clean. An un-inspected house has a greater chance of containing dangerous mold spores, which could make people very sick.

No building consent obtained: Just like no building inspection report is complete without a building consent, building inspection in Pukekohe also fail to include the building owner’s consent for various items such as skylights, chimneys, and doors. While some of these items may seem retrograde, today’s safety regulations mandate that they be included. Without building consent, the inspector has no right to examine the property. If you feel that you didn’t get the building consent you were promised, it’s important to talk to the inspector now, before the building inspection report is complete.

Poor general appearance: In some cases, building reports in Pukekohe state that the building is in a bad condition, when it is not. The inspectors in Pukekohe don’t care about the building’s general appearance; what they are interested in is whether the house meets building code, and if so, what kind of warranty they have on the property. Unfortunately, building reports in Pukekohe fail to take into account how the house will be viewed from the street. We live in a world where we want our homes to look good. That means that your home has to look good from any point of view – from the street, from the garage, or from the perspective of passersby.

As long as it meets the building code, any home inspector in Pukekohe can make any general appearance that he wants. Jim’s Building Inspections may choose to paint the siding white, or to put in vinyl siding that looks like cedar wood. If the general appearance meets building standards, then he can go on to describe any problems that he sees with the home, or explain why he is not issuing a building permit for the construction. It’s at this point in the process that it becomes critical to contact your local building permit agency, because some inspections do not allow for re-permission once the general appearance has been met.

If the inspector does issue building permits, he can then apply for building insurance. Unfortunately, if you live in Pukekohe, you cannot buy your own building insurance. You must rely on the building insurance that the insurance company provides for your neighbors. You’ll need a property manager or realtor, who can help you locate building insurance in Pukekohe. The advantage of buying your building permit insurance from the insurance company is that you don’t have to pay an additional premium on your building inspection in Pukekohe report. It’s Jim’s Building Inspections’ responsibility to make sure that his building report is complete and accurate.

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